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Thread: Water pump seal ????

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    Water pump seal ????

    Hi how would I know if mines leaking , Aprilia rsv 1000 ? bike runs fine ( had been standing for a few months sprag clutch had gone ) but noticed the coolant cap had a milky solution round it , spark plugs are fine so I dont think its head gasket

    Thanks eddie

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    The water pump has 2 seals, one for water & one for oil with a vent between the two so you can see which ones leaking by whats dribbling out unusual for both to go are you sure heads are ok

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    Well the bike had been standing for a few months with no oil in it as the previous owner had tried to fix it < I just wondered if maybe the seal dried out , I'll flush the cooling system out thoroughly and check . Dont think its head gaskets as it runs well and the plugs look fine , may do a compression test as well


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