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Thread: decal kits

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    decal kits

    I have a 2001 model mille and the decals are faded and coming off, the bike itself is mint so decided to have a look around and see what I could buy... is a great place for new decal kits and they quoted me 100 for a full kit for my bike, and 150 all in to be fitted (out of the question for me though as I live miles away from them), they do also have a fitting guide on their site, dont mean to plug their business but I think thats more than a reasonable price to have ur rsv looking clean(er)

    just thought id share the info

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    quite a few guys have used the image works with good results ..for an extra 50 for fitting is a bargain

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    I need to give them a call as they haven't responded to my email, hopefully they will be about tomorrow..

    Cheers for the info though, can you post up a photo of the bike with new decals?

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    will do, wont be for a little while as im out of work so need to scrimp and save, though im a qualified car painter etc so will try to fit them myself...using the soap and water method is quite forgiving (famous last words :P)....ah southsea? used to live there a couple years ago....

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