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Thread: Key cutting and coding.

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    Key cutting and coding.

    Hi everyone,
    I have a fully functioning key for my '06 RSVR, cut and coded and have a new, genuine Aprilia blank key that I would like to have cloned, cut and coded.
    I'm finding it hard going finding someone in the North East, Durham, Cleveland, Tyne & Wear area, (I'm happy to travel if needed) that can cut and code the new key for me?
    Does anyone know of anyone in my area that could help me out, or alternatively other means of having the blank key sorted?
    Many thanks in advance.


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    Try pm'ing username Tash he's from newton aycliffe and might know someone in the area.

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    Baby Twin
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    This guy has a shop in Ashington Northumberland and does this sort of thing.
    It would be a ride out for you and we've got good roads up here (when not full of potholes!!!)

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