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Thread: Help what to buy 2007 or 2008 ?

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    Baby Twin
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    Nov 2013

    Help what to buy 2007 or 2008 ?

    Hi Folks,

    I am a complete noob to this forum and to Aprillia's too (please be gentle)

    I am currently styling a SV650 2011 which I've had nearly 3 years

    I typically go three years before I get that itch to switch. I got the SV as I needed a bike that was going to be reliable, I had a 1998 CB500 before which was VERY old, and it made more sense to get a new bike instead of fixing it... before that an old 1997 Yamaha TRX850....

    So would really like to get something that I'm going to keep and love... plus am looking for something more powerful.... the guys on the SV forum say stick with the SV650, my Bro says go for an old 2005 SV1000 (tempting, but it just looks to similar to my existing bike for obvious reasons)

    I was tempted by a 1997 Ducati 748 for 2500 but I can't, I need a reliable / relatively cheap to run bike - much to some Ducati riders have said theirs have been running perfectly over 100,000 miles across different Dukes... so anyway I thought I would come seek some guidance on a few I am considering buying.

    Background, well I am a contractor and if I can't get to work I don't get paid, I don't get paid I don't get laid!!! In all seriousness, I have a mortgage, a wife and 3 kids to support so my ONLY mode of transport is kinda important.

    So I am here looking to buy one of three, now forgive my ignorance, but why do the first two look different to the last one - is that an old manufactured bike registered late / MKI or MkII ??
    *edit* so I think I worked it out with the help from this website the bottom is a MKI 2003 the others are the newer MKII style up to 2008...


    (i'm thinking well over priced?)


    *edit* if this is the old 2003 model I think this is now off the table.... too old... plus I like the newer lights on the rear

    a few questions also:
    which one would be more reliable? to give you some background, I am a all weather rider, mainly commuting but go out in the summer with my bro (he has a victory).
    I commute about 25miles a day most days (except weekends)
    what are the common things to look for when buying these second hand?
    common faults that are more common than one could wish for?

    my budget is 3 BUT SHMBO might be willing to let me go to 3600, as I've just spend 400 on my existing bike for service, pads, rear tyre etc.... DOH!

    So thanks for your assistance and hope to be more regular here.... oh also if anyone is looking to sell theirs I'm buying
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    Baby Twin
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    Nov 2013
    I would have had a punt at that price.

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    Baby Twin
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    Jul 2018
    Well I got a 2008 factory rsv1000r .
    Not had any issues with it so far. Dont expect it to keep up with the Japan models on the straights. But oh boy will it ever handle. Best bike for bends I ever had. It's got bags of v twin character. Looks to match. Always get looks when it pops and bangs through the akrapovic cans.
    It's a real sextet exotic bike. U won't regret it

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