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Thread: camshaft position sensor

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    camshaft position sensor

    Hello, looking for some help/advice, I have a problem with a 04 mille with fault code 44 showing ,which is the stepper motor no signal, however the bike runs and starts badly, is unwilling to rev beyond 4500 without cutting out completely which leads me to think it is in a restricted mode, the charge circuit has been checked and giving adequate voltage 14.5v at approx. 4000rpm 13.3v at idle, a new battery is in place so that side has been eliminated. The stepper motor is not the fault that too has been eliminated, However if I disconnect the camshaft position sensor the bike fires up runs as it should reving freely up to the set limit of 10.5 and idles as it should, the fault codes also disappear. anyone any thoughts, I know the answer may seem obvious but I cant make the connection between stepper motor and camshaft position sensor, Anyone come upon this before, regards Kenny.
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    I'm getting code 44 and similar symptoms. Will try unplugging cam sensor and see what happens.

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    I know this a really old post but did theyy get it sorted, as mine bike is doing the exact same. Hoping there's an easy fix, as it been off the road for 2 years, fix one problem and now it's broke it's self with another.

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