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Thread: General Problem Questions

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    General Problem Questions

    Hi Guys,

    Lately I have faced the following problem with my 04 RSV 1000R Factory.

    1. Hot engine tempreture - When I ride the bike on highways the standard tempreture normally will be around 77-85 Celcius, when I stop for traffic light it can go up to 98 Celcius. is this the normal engine operating tempreture? At what ?? tempreture should the fans kick in? based on previous thread I read here some says 83c while some say 93c.

    2. Battery Drain - I left the bike parking for 10 days as I went for holidays and when returned the battery was drained. I assume this was because of the Immobilizer thus I started to disconnect the 2 wires at the back seat when I leave it parked for long periods of days. I did a jump start for the bike and rode it for about 40kms... but it seem that it did not charged enough for another start... can you guys share with me, what is the average Voltage charge when running the bike? I realized mine was at 12.6v min (sometimes when riding) - 14.2v max (while idling). the average volts that is shown is 13.2v while riding. is this normal or should it be higher?

    any help here is really appreciated. thanks in advance

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    Regardging the heat issue - I had a similar problem due to bubbles in my cooling system. After running at idle for a few minutes with the radiator cap off the problem went away. Hopefully it's something a simple is that. AF1 ( - Shop for over 350,000 Premium Domains) sells an upgraded thermostat but I'm not sure if that will address your issue.

    Sorry that I didn't have a more technical answer for you.

    Good luck with it.

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    Thanks for the response bro, I will give what you recommend a try

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