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Thread: it worth it?

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    3 it worth it?

    Hi guys,

    I've managed to persude the blonde one that my collection is incomplete without an RSV :-)

    So im on the hunt for a series 2 bike now.

    Question is, is it worth waiting and paying for a factory (or R with ohlins) setup or not?

    In terms of performance, im a fat git with a harley and a 1961 AJS who last rode a perfomance bike in the early 90's... so I doubt I could tell, the difference between ohlins and a meat pie! So I am inclined to think that non ohlins will be fine, but, I'll let your collective experience tell me otherwise.

    In terms of the dream, its the all black 'n gold that gets me lumpy!!! So if you know one thats going....

    Thanks in advance


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    Hi Neil,

    From a price perspective you're better off with a Factory. May be slightly more expensive to buy but will retain its value better in the long run. From a road riding perspective, given your up front statement on your expectations, you'll be fine with the RSVR, the Showa forks & Sachs suspension aren't light years behind the mass produced Ohlins kit. Having said that the biggest improvement Factory over RSVR (IMO) is the lightweight Oz wheels, they really do make a difference. The radial calipers on the 05 onwards are a hefty improvement on the axial ones too.

    Depends on your budget but I think you should be looking for an 06 onwards model RSVR (Ohlins forks, radial calipers, Oz lookalike wheels).


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