Hi Guys,

I just got myself a 2004 RSV 1000R Factory about 1 month plus ago and will be sending it for normal service in 1-2 months time since I am about to hit the 10k km mark.

Note that I am living in Malaysia, a tropical country with a typical 24c-35c tempreture throughout the year thus causing a couple of confusions on what should I use, since the manual is made for EU 4 season climate.

Below is what I plan to put in my bike, appreciate any advise that can be given here

1. Engine Oil: Petronas 4SP Fully Synthetic 10w50
*more info here: PETRONAS Dagangan Berhad

2. Oil Filter: K&N KN-152
*more info here: KN-152 - K&N Oil Filters, Oil Filter direct from K&N

3. Coolent: Motul Inugel Expert (with a 20% coolent & 80% distilled water) mixture?

I normally use a 95 ron (85-87 mon) fuel for my bike.