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Thread: Seat fixing bolts

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    Seat fixing bolts

    Does anyone know the size of the bolts that hold the seat in place on my 08 mille. Having charged the battery I have mid placed mine can I get these from half it's or DIY store or is it a aprilia product only. I know they will charge me a fortune for them



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    Hi Tony,
    what you need are two M6 X 15mm cap or button (either will do, button better) head Allen bolts.
    DO NOT over tighten when you fit them, the rivnuts (threaded pop-rivets)that they screw into are prone to coming loose in the sub frame.

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    Not had a chance to measure them on my bike, but M6 sounds about right. I have socket cap screws on mine, and I agree with TomskiY, nip them up, don't tighten too much otherwise you will regret it. Great Italian

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