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Thread: Preparing a 2005 Aprilia RSV 1000R Factory for track-only use.

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    Preparing a 2005 Aprilia RSV 1000R Factory for track-only use.

    Howdy folks! This is my first post on this forum, and I hope it's in the right place; I recently acquired a low-mileage 2005 RSV Factory for next to nothing, so I'd like to take full advantage of its performance capabilities by converting it from the street bike it has been since new, to track-only use. It will probably never be ridden on the street again (at least not legally), so I'm not concerned about preserving its streetability. I'd apreciate any advice, guidance, links to useful information, recommendations, suggestions, etc, that anyone interested and knowledgeable is willing to share. Thank you in advance!

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    Easiest thing is just to tape over the lights remove the mirrors/number plate and go for it.

    Probably wise to take off all the plastic and store it in case you want to use it for the road later and buy/fit a track fairing. Will save weight as well - lots on Ebay.
    I've left the side stand on mine as I haven't managed to ground it yet and it makes moving the bike around easier.

    Worth getting a full set of crash bungs and fork/swing arm/can protectors - will pay their way if they save the track fairing.

    Other mods you might consider

    Moving the electrics away from the side of the engine and into the seat hump - less likely to get trashed.
    Usual performance mods air box / full exhaust / PC3 etc - lots on here about these
    520 chain conversion
    Total loss electrics
    Quick action throttle
    Quick shifter
    Traction control

    Hope that helps


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    I had on 06 factory as a track bike for a couple of years. IMHO you are going to be wringing the nuts off it so don't go mad on tuning as unless you go for a blueprint as it will need a lot more TLC. If you are going racing, forget that comment.

    I fitted a ARD fairing and some Akra silencers and that was it. It would have benefited significantly from a decent radial master cylinder but you can get used to how the lever fluctuates when you are pushing on. The same brakes on a 749R we used in British Supersport in 04/05 were a nightmare, but you couldn't (legally) change the master cylinder.

    I didn't keep the sidestand because I'd have to cut the fairing but on a day at Cadwell there was a guy on a Tuono Factory who was pretty slow but was still grinding his stand away. It just depends how much you weigh!
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    I agree with the above but also recommend a good adjustable rear set that has sturdy, non spring loaded pegs. This added stability will be felt and when/if you go down, will act as an added point of protection to the bike. Aprilia Performance makes a good adjustable set.

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