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Thread: Battery going flat

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    Battery going flat

    Hi Guy's just wondering if any one can help, I have got a problem with the battery going flat over about a week when I go to start it nothing but the lights are still nice and bright, but when I put the battery on charge for a while and she is ok. I have noticed that the alarm light flashes but stay's on faintly in between the flash and there is a noise from under the tank just like when you switch the ignition on. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks Huw

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    Check the CCA (cold cranking amps) rating of your battery bud. It needs to be 200+

    Also part with some cash for a battery tender (not charger). Optimate being the best.

    Your current battery may seem good but these big v-twins need a lot of cranking over and if you keep trying with a low battery you will fry the sprag.

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