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Thread: Flashing instrument panel! Won't start!

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    Flashing instrument panel! Won't start!

    Hi everyone.

    I've exhausted my knowledge on my awesome but now troublesome RSV! The thing won't start! When I turn on the ignition it just clicks. At first I thought it was the datatool alarm, so I have removed that but there is no change to the symptoms. I have attached a YouTube video link above of what is happening as it should explain things better than my words could! The battery shows around 12.5v. There have been a couple of instances lately where I would turn the ignition on ok but the battery seemed too weak to start, but after a couple of tries it would fire up and all would be OK.

    I am sure there is someone out there that can point me in the right direction!

    Cheers for your help.

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    Starter solenoid / low battery voltage / faulty relay / bad wiring connection.

    That's your starting point......good luck


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    12.5 v is low , if you haven't already , try charging the battery then try again if that doesn't sort it then do as Gray suggested !



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    never ever try and start the bike on a low battery or you will kill the sprag clutch only works one way if the battery is too weak to throw the pistons past the compression stroke the motor will kick back and wreck it

    new battery time for starters ,then check all connections,upgrade the solenoid to 150amp item

    also do not touch the throttle when starting just the cold start/choke lever

    call aprilia performance for upgraded battery ,solenoid etc etc etc
    or drop by if you live close

    aprilia performance
    Unit 59/Tolsons Enterprise Park/Mill La, Tamworth B78 3QD
    01827 285500
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    is this just a universal 150amp solenoid?? and does it throw it over faster??

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