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Thread: '06 factory rear brake

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    '06 factory rear brake

    Hi guys !
    Fairly new owner to these Aprilia's & not actually ridden it that much yet but I thought my rear brake was fine until I finally took it on a decent run & now I know the rear brake is pretty much non existent !!!!!!!!........ Not ideal , I'm wondering what the favoured / most effective mod for the rear brake on this model is
    Any help would be much appreciated , thanks in advance



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    Bleed the back brake fluid properly for a start; not easy, some vids on YouTube from memory.
    Long term solution is to re-locate the master cylinder from next to the exhaust - Aprilia Performance sell rear sets that do this.

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    Well. That was the first thing I've done when I got my RSVR, I've rebuild the caliper, change the lines and fluids and put back together with new bolts..3 months later I have not much feel from the rear brake. It's one of those things you have to live with and it's not that bad for everyday use. It's a different matter when you are using the bike on the track etc..

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