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Thread: DOT 5.1 in clutch??

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    DOT 5.1 in clutch??

    I've got some Brembo 5.1 fluid for the brakes.
    It's 5.1, not 5, so I know it should be fine mixing with any DOT 4 already in there (I intend to bleed, but there might be a tiny residual amount somewhere).
    The bottle doesn't say whether I can use it with the clutch though, whereas DOT4 can be used in both brakes and clutch.
    Anyone used/know if I can use 5.1 in the clutch??

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    Hi m8, I have a Gen1 Tuono 03 and I always use Dot 5.1 in both brake & clutch and I have never had a problem with it , works really good

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