I am new to Italian bikes and would like some advice.

I recently got my hands on an abused 2004 RSV1000 Tuono. When I test drove the bike I just had to have it. despite the obvious damage to the fairings and covers . I have been riding daily for about two months now and can honestly say that this is one of the best rides I have had in terms of handling, sound, Power delivery , its is just amazing . I have repaired all the cosmetics and must say the bike looks fairly decent now. I have come across some mechanical issues maybe you can help me out a bit.

Bike has 46k miles on the clock.

Some times the fuel pump did not run when trying to start the bike, I checked and found corrosion on the plugs. I am not a big fan of plug connectors , what I did is I took all the plugs that carry higher current and soldered bridge wires across the plugs.
After doing this I checked the charging voltages. On Idle the battery voltage will go up to 14.2V easily measured at the battery terminals , But the moment I rev the bike up the voltage will drop to around 13.3V. This bothers me some what , what would cause this ?

The sprag clutch has slipped maybe 3 or so times in this two months , I have spoken with Tash from this forum and he has a sprag for me and he is willing to ship to south africa. Should I be worried about the clutch plates to at this mileage?

When driving with very little throttle and you want to accelerate there is a hesitation before the bike will go. I have worked around it by changing driving style but would really like smooth acceleration from the word go.

The bike has a 2 into 1 exhaust with a yoshimura muffler . I think at some stage the throttle bodies will need syncing , not sure how I will be doing that . any advice would be appreciated.

So what else is there to look out for , what kind of extra maintenance is needed on these bikes?

Thanks plenty