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Thread: Electrical Gremlins

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    Electrical Gremlins

    Hi all
    OK Heres goes from the begining...... I fitted a new stator to my 04 RSVR along with the T12Tech oil cooler, I also changed the reg/rec for a Shindengen Fh012Aa. Now it gets confusing...... if i put the multi meter on the output of the reg/rec 15v..... Hooray.... attach it to the battery and i get 11.8v......Boo.
    Take the new lead off the battery and it reads 15v.....Hooray...... attach it to the battery if i connect the neg lead to the battey the bike wont even start, it backfires and throws up an EFI warning and error code 12 ( Injectors )........Even bigger boo. disconect the neg from the reg/rec and it starts at the touch of the button 11.8v and eventually dies..... been trying everything to sort it out but as yat no joy. Your help is needed.
    Many Thanks in advance
    Mad Dog.

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    Hi again.... time for an update.
    I now have a charging system, 14v at tickover, 13.7v hot with fans on. its still easier to start with the reg/rec disconnected but it will start, the problem now is that the idle will progressivley slow untill it stalls. Ive checked the small vacuum hoses on the left side and the vacuum hoses to the stepper motor for leaks and all are ok.
    any ideas welcome
    Many thanks
    Mad Dog

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