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Thread: Has anyone seen neutral....?

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    Has anyone seen neutral....?

    Getting really, really tired of the gearbox on my 2008 RSV-R.
    Neutral is a total pig to find when the engine is running, whether the bike is stationary or rolling.
    I've fitted an Oberon slave cylinder, no change....
    I checked to see if it has the 0.4 clutch jet, it does, so no change possible there....
    I'm going to bleed the clutch ASAP to see if that makes a difference, but I'm sceptical as it was just as bad when the Oberon was new and the fluid freshly changed/bled.
    So why would bleeding it now make a difference?
    Any other ideas how to get the gearbox any better?

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    Hi,im sure that a proper bleeding will do it for you.
    Clutch on mine needs bleeding regularly,but there is no problem with finding neutral(with stock master)

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