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Thread: Which battery?

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    Which battery?

    I've noticed the battery on my bike doesn't seem to take long to run down when I take it off the trickle charger.
    Anyone any recommendations for a replacement?
    I've seen some forums recommend a 14 amp battery instead of a 12 amp hour, speeds up the turnover when you press the start button?
    I haven't the budget for a lithium battery, but I can go to the likes of 50 for a 'Motobatt' gel one.

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    I fitted a Motobatt to my bike this year, and it definitely seems to turn the bike over better than the Yuasa offerings. The Bracket which supoorts the tilt switch won't fit properly without a spacer, or you could simply velcro-strap it to the battery, as it doesn't actually hold the battery in place. So far, a worthwhile upgrade.

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    Motobatt have a habit of shaking loose their connection so ensure e all is tight

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