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Thread: KRIEGA us20 seat bag

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    KRIEGA us20 seat bag

    has any of u guys tried this bag that attaches to the rear seat . thinking of buying on for my euro trip but don't like the thought of it marking the back plastics of the bike . it may not it may sit clear of the back end but just thought i would ask if any of u guys have this type of luggage bag

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    I have the Kriega US30. It sits on the passenger seat without touching any body work. The straps attach to the rear subframe under the seat and can be easily tucked in there when not in use.

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    Great bag. I used the Us30 for a trip to France last year, best purchase I ever made, straps attach to rear subframe and clip onto bag to hold it secure. Does not affect any of the paint on the bike and will keep your stuff dry too. Highly recommend!

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