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Thread: RSVR 04 wiring loom plug identification

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    RSVR 04 wiring loom plug identification

    hello guy.

    ive just bought a 2004 rsvr wiring loom with a datatool alarm that i would like to remove and fit on my ducati but am having some problems identifying some of the plugs that the wire trace back to.
    any help would be good.

    20160827_212258_zpspfjcnaps.jpg Photo by fezzo2003 | Photobucket
    20160827_212243_zpsr7rwnkgu.jpg Photo by fezzo2003 | Photobucket
    20160827_212222_zpslz68rgiy.jpg Photo by fezzo2003 | Photobucket

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    Last one looks like an ecu plug

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    Without seeing the loom laid out I cant be 100% certain but
    1st pic is rear indicator
    2nd possibly front indicator
    3rd looks like immobilser but the plugs around it are from the reg rec and air control on opposite side of the bike
    4th is clocks / speedo dash

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