Hiya everyone,
My 05 RSVR has developed an annoying habit. Occasionally when I press the starter button, the engine will turn over fine but it won't start, no other symptoms, no lights on the dash. I've tried going into diagnostic mode but there's no codes up. The charging system is fine, the battery is fine. I've taken the tilt switch apart and it seems in good nick, but I can't understand how that could possibly go wrong being as it's only a brass spacer which should sit on a bit of plastic until the bike falls over. I did have an accident where the bike fell onto it's left side a couple of months ago (the wiring to the immobiliser looks ok) and it's done about 48000 miles now.
I had to get trailered home one night last week and the next day when I went into the garage the bloody thing started straight up so I couldn't trace a fault.
So, what could this be? I think the sidestand switch cuts the starter motor, I'm not sure what the immobiliser does & No one will (understandably) tell me how to bypass it anyway.

I can't use it now as I'm never sure it will start up after work. (I'd use my 02 Mille but some berk did a U-turn in front of me last week so that's awaiting the insurance assessor now.) Not having a lot of luck!

Help reqd!