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Thread: 30 years a biker but, new to aprilia.

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    30 years a biker but, new to aprilia.

    Hi all,
    As the title says I'm a seasoned biker with my first Aprilia.
    I also have an old 92 Ducati750ss and a '95 fireblade. I have found bike forums to be an invaluable source of knowledge and information so thought I'd better hop onto one for my '04 RSVR Factory.
    It is totally standard as far as I can tell, all I need to do is ditch the nasty orange indicator lenses and I'll be sweet( sure someone will tell me otherwise). It's done 8000 miles(mot's back it up)hpi clear, uncrashed and with a bit of history.
    Hopefully I won't need as much help with it as I do with my Ducati's nasty electrics.
    Here it is.
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    Hi, Nice bike and welcome to the forum. I'm fairly new to the forum too and bought my first Aprilia a few months ago (my first V twin), a 2000MY Mille R, and have found it to be a very friendly place with loads of helpful advice. I also have a Blade, a 98 which I find very easy to ride but doesn't have the character of the Aprilia and feels fairly gutless in the lower and middle of the rev range, but obviously makes plenty of power at the top end!

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