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Thread: RSVR dyno printout - what to do next?

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    RSVR dyno printout - what to do next?

    Hi guys,

    I've finally put my '07 RSVR on a dyno and it turns out I'm running quite a bit rich mixture(see attached picture, sorry I've rotated it in my PC but it still wouldn't turn after I uploaded it). It's most likely due to the fact that I bought it in St.Louis, MO area (elevation 460ft) and I live in Wendover, UT (elevation 4,400ft). The mechanic who did the dyno run told me he can adjust it for about $350. Now my question is if it's worth it since I'd be gaining maybe 10 - 15 HP and probably 7 ft/lb or should I consider buying a PCV and download the right map? I have stock pipes but I've drilled out the cores to turn them into a straight pipes because it was running a race map. I've been told I should first replace/wash my air filter before I do that, and change spark plugs and that should help my air/fuel ratio but ultimately I'd like to install PVC so I can change it back when I move to a place with lower elevation so I don't have to pay another $350 to have it changed back.

    What do you guys think?
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    Your best bet is to fit a Pcv with Autotune AT300
    You won't have to go to a Dyno ever again it can map both Clynders individually. Also it will adjust itself for different elevations above sea level.
    You will have to take the exhausts off to weld the wideband sensors but other than that it pretty straightforward to fit and setup and Powercomander have great support if you need it for installation or setup.
    It's a great piece of kit, save you lots of money by not having to go to the Dyno shop. And you can modify your air intake or exhaust and it will map itself automatically to suit. Here a picture if one the wideband sensors in the exhaust

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