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Thread: Aprilia RSV1000R 2005 - Technical issues and concerns

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    Aprilia RSV1000R 2005 - Technical issues and concerns

    About one month ago, i got myself an RSV. It runs fine and i am happy about, but i have a couple concerns. I have ridden the bike over 2000 km since i got it.
    The first thing that i want to ask about is "EFI" light in the display. It has started showing two times, but it have just disappeared after a few seconds. I have a power commandor as well on the bike. The second time it happened, it happened on idle after 2-3 start ups and the bike was at about temperature 90 Celsius.

    The other things is what concerns me the most. The gearbox. I dont know if it`s really a problem, but i am a man with many concerns.
    This is why i am concerned:
    1: One time i experienced the bike jumping into neutral while running over a big bump in the road.
    2: If you try to shift without the clutch in, the bike goes in neutral. Did this bike accident.
    3: When the bike did go into neutral, i tried to pull in the clutch and downshift. Then it sounded like the engine was going to break down because it sounded like the bike was jumping out and in of years, but the bike was still rolling in neutral. I braked and stopped the bike, and put it in first. After this i have ridden the bike about 100 km and no more problems.
    Do you think this is a problem or am i just to much worried? It have never popped out of gear on the road somewhere else.

    Thank you.
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    Hi, the light is possibly the oil pressure sensor, it's not hard or expensive to replace, I would go there first and eliminate.
    The gearbox, you got to be positive with it, I would reverse bleed the clutch.
    The kits are cheap consisting of two syringes, plastic tube and some zip ties to secure the tube to the bleed nipple and the syringe, connect it, open the bleed nipple and using the syringe force the fluid backwards into the resvior, use the small syringe to take out old fluid from resvior until clear.
    I hope that's of some help.

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