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Thread: Oil change and other service items

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    Oil change and other service items

    Hi guys

    I'm in the process of re-commissioning my 2005 RSVR which has been off the road and garaged for about seven or eight years.

    The oil level is good but obviously I intend to change the Oil and filter for starters . I looked on eBay for an oil change kit but most of the vendors mentioned that there are two different oil filter types . Can anybody tell me what my bike would have as standard or do I need to remove it and check . Any indications on the best place to order oil and filter online would be much appreciated .

    Other items I plan to check include :

    Coolant - should I drain and replace the coolant and if so is there any particular coolant I should use ?

    Spark plugs - I have already change these for new ones .

    Tyres - The tires are in good condition and have plenty of tread but given the age of them would you replace them for new ones ?

    Brakes - The brakes seem to work fine front and back with plenty of meat left on the pads . But given they are a key safety feature do you think they need overhauling after the bike has been sitting for so long? Should I drain and replace the brake fluid ?

    Front suspension - The front forks don't seem to move very much when I rode the bike forward and apply the brakes . They do dive a bit on the brakes but not as much travel as I get on my other bikes . The fork seals seem fine with no I'll leaks so I'm just wondering if they are quite stiff because it is a sports bike .

    Any answers to these questions or thoughts and suggestions about things I should check will be very welcome .

    I'm planning to take bike for an MOT next week to get it back on the road and give it a slow speed test once I've change the oil and done some of these other jobs

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    You need to have the side fairing off and check which oil filter housing you have long or short .

    Yes I would drain the system and top up with fresh coolant pretty sure they aren't too fussy about which antifreeze to use

    Brakes I would bleed all the old fluid out as it does absorb moisture

    As for the forks they may be ok but you could give them some tlc with fresh oil wouldn't hurt... try a road test first see how they get on

    Tyres yes new the rubber goes off so you do not want to be dropping into a bend with old tyres that would t offer any grip

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    First you shouldn’t under any circumstances use old green/blue coolant as they react with more modern fluid and sludge up the cooling system so you should avoid any old Bluecol that may be lurking on a shelf in the back of the garage, years ago all anti-freeze was greenie-blue and it was easy to avoid it when the new stuff came out and not get the 2 mixed up (literally) nowadays it's not that simple as manufacturers are making the coolant all different colours but basically you need a SILCATE free formulation (silicates can attack water pump seals) and you should also avoid new HOAT (hybrid organic acid tech) formulations as these also contain silicates, this leaves OAT (organic acid tech) which I believe should be totally safe in the big twin, the safest option is to use only genuine aprilia coolant but a good silicate free OAT is what your looking for, you really need to check the spec sheet to be sure but something like Halfords Red, Comma long life or Euro car parts own Red are all fine and at under £2.70 pr litre of concentrate is pretty good value. ... &0&cc5_866
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    And there is someone who knows and didn't guess like me ..apologies

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