Have you recently been looking for a new plus size bathing suit ? If you have, you might experienced a little 'Oops' when checking the price label on the back site. If you want to buy a quality swim suit that last a little longer than your first dip in the ocean or swimming pool, expect to pay from $60 to over $100. Besides quality, you definitely want swimwear that is representative and comfortable, don't you ? To protect your investment, here are ten ways that keep your plus size swimsuits in shape and looking good during this summer and the next.
1. Pay attention to cooling tower motors the fabric when you buy plus size swimwear; make sure it is made from chlorine resistant material. The better known brands mostly use these types of fabrics for their whole assortment. Chlorine resistant material keeps the colours of your swim suit brighter for a longer period and the fabric doesn't deteriorate as fast as others. Keep in mind that it doesn't mean chlorine proof.
2. Look on the plus size swimsuit tag and see if there is a high Spandex content. Spandex gives that stretchy character to swimsuits, a higher amount means that it will hold its shape longer and keeps the outfit in the same proportions as when you bought it.
3. This might sound a little obvious, but if you are planning to wear your swimwear more days in a row, buy at least two bathing suits. Spandex requires about one day to dry completely.
4. Keep in mind that some plus size suits are made for swimming or diving, while others are more sunbathing designed. Choose the right swimsuit for the right activity.
5. Don't just wash your plus size swimsuit with water or quickly jump in the shower after you used it. Plain water will not remove the salt from the ocean or the chlorine from the swimming pool. Use shampoo and rinse decently.
6. After rinsing out your swimsuit, don't hang it somewhere outside to dry. The sun will bleach the colours and affects the fabrics. It's better to multi-speed motors let it dry somewhere inside.
7. Another tip on cleaning your bathing suit: never place it in a washing machine and/or dryer. Both machines will deteriorate the Spandex. Always hand wash your plus size swimsuit.
8. If you go to a sauna, whirlpool or any other hot tubs, don't use your quality plus size swimwear. The chemicals and heat are not good for the materials. Wear an old suit you don't mind damaging.
9. Be careful when using sunscreen as it can leave permanent spots on your bathing suit.
10. Avoid surfaces which could easily damage your bathing suit. A lot of people tear or fray their swimwear while sitting on a rough surface. A solution: simply place a towel beneath your bottom.
If you keep these tips in mind while using one of your bathing suits, the money you spend is well worth it. You will definitely wear your plus size swim suit for a longer period of time and, most of all, it will still look great and suit you the same as on the day you bought it. Enjoy the purchase.