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Thread: Aprilia rsv '04 bypass immobilizer

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    Aprilia rsv '04 bypass immobilizer

    Hi guys,

    Can someone please P.M. me how to bypass the immobilizer of aprilia rsv. I already messed it up by thinking that i would know what to do. All the wires of the immobilizer are cut and tried to connect the wires what i thought that would be the most logic one to connect but instead of that i connected the wrong wires and my fuses were burned. So before i do more damage to my bike would be nice if somebody can guide me true.

    If needed i can give you any proof that the bike is mine.

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    This site is dead. Other sites have more traffic ie Immobilizer bypass

    People don't want thieving scrotes targeting aprilia's , so you can understand the need for security lol

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