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Thread: ODO is reseting after each ride

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    ODO is reseting after each ride

    Hello everyone,
    I wanna buy a 2004 RSV 1000, it is in very nice condition but has one problem - after each ride odometer is reseting. I know it is quite common issue, but I never heard about reseting so often (most cases is just when battery is flat or disconnected). Owner said me battery is 5 years old and this problem has it all the time, so I think it is not related with the battery... Has somebody the same experience or know how to solve it? Except this issue is bike in a nice condition...


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    Batteries don't last 5 years imho, replace often on aprilia's. The battery might seem okay, but it will damage the starting system (the starter clutch costs 500 in bits plus labour)
    Horrible feeling the sprag is screwed!
    just search starter sprag clutch problems!
    A battery costs €60 plus, against wrecking the sprag, and then moaning about aprilia unreliability lol

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