Since last year i have a rsvr 04. Its a beauty and when it rides, it's fantastic. In March after the winter, I did a short ride and pulled over to check everything, when I wanted to continue I put the key in the contact and nothing goes on. Eventually I was brought home with the bike on the back of a towtruck. After searching for some problems (battery moisture in the display) a week later it suddenly goes back on again.

Friday I take a ride to Germany (I live in Netherlands) and everything is fine. After 150mm I stop for fuel and start her up again. Everything's fine but when I turn on to the road, all electrical dies exactly the same as in March, only difference is that Ive already started it, so thank God I could drive home (without lights, display) now need to figure out what the problem is, because I don't want to strand again.

When I turn the key on, only the light of the immobilizer flashes and the fuelpump makes its sound.

I checked the battery and put it on the charger but thats looks fine, which I would suggest its not the battery or the alternator.

I've read some threads with the same problems and saw something about the regulator. I'am trying to read its numbers with a multimeter but get just data (for a sec) on a part of the connectors. So i will go to a mechanic tomorrow to double check.

Are there any other common problems that couse my electrical failure? I saw something about the starter relay but this looks fine(no corosion)

Last year I had a problems with the bike stalling when idle, what was coused by a faulty idle sensor. So I really want to enjoy riding again without worrying about a failure.