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Thread: Immobilizer 😱😱😱😱😱

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    Immobilizer 😱😱😱😱😱

    Hi guys , this I ken is driving me crazy , fixing one thing after another! But she is a beauty ,
    Topical Italian girl , high maintenance😂
    Ok the other day , ( the hottest day of the year on record)while riding on the m25 filtering through traffic at 41degrees , (outside temperature ) the bike started misfiring and the immobilizer light came on and stayed on
    I managed to make it back and run few checks and tests and everything seemed normal , once cooled down it didnít misfire anymore ,starts fun and stops as it should apart from the light always on .
    Today I removed the immobilizer ecu and found a hole where the unit melted and I can clearly see damage inside .is now matter of time before it stops altogether. Can this unit be replaced or should I bypass it ?
    When I ask can it be replaced , I mean is it easy enough to recode the keys ?or do I need a deal visit ? Can I replace it with a second hand part ?
    Many thanks

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    Give Aprilia Performance in Staffs a call.

    Get on and ask the question. You can probably install a replacement immobiliser and badapple is selling one for a tenner but check if you can just do that or is it easier to just bypass it

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