Hi guys,
Really hope someone can help.

Symptons are, when I go to accelerate away from a junction, the bike occasionally cuts out. So before Ive even let the clutch out and applyed throttle, it just dies.. The bike will start instantly off the button.

It can even happen if Im still rolling, ie, rolling up to a roundabout. On application of throttle.

Other than that the bike rides very cleanly.

I have checked...
ALL hoses and inlet for air leaks. Ive disconnected and capped the hoses to the clutch diaphram incase that was leaking.
Cleaned and checked idle motor. Moves cleanly and evenly on key on and off.
Balanced inlets with vacuum gauges. (not with axone or co gauges)

It looks as if it idles below 1250, but only just. Im not sure if this is relevant or just not an accurate gauge.