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Thread: New Clutch

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    Wink New Clutch

    Just purchsed a Barnett High Performance clutch kit from AF1 racing, for my RSV. any past or present info / comments / do's or dont's will be appriceated... tks doug
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    very nice, make sure you use good oil and stick with it, is the slave cylinder upgraded or stock? a high performance clutch makes me wonder if more strain on the slave cyl, i could be wrong though

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    Use half Barnett and half stock pressure plate springs or you will find it very heavy....

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    And make sure it has the newly modded outer plate which is thinner or it will drag badly.
    If you have an unmodded version Barnett will normally supply one FOC.

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    wow, this sounds like one mod I will not be doing. Major potential to fcuk the bike up here.

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