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Thread: Pro bolt quick release fairing clip?

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    Pro bolt quick release fairing clip?

    Does anyone know where I can get an individual quick release fairing clip for my 04 in black.

    I bought the original kit from pro bolt (tastynuts), but snapped a bastard today trying to force it back on.

    Full kit is 46 which is a total waste of money when I only want one.

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    i got some of ebay
    search dzus and call them - i got 10 for 10
    only whingw if i'm being fussy is they are flat head srew rather than allen key

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    bought the nice ti fastners from pro bolt very nice and strong with a allen head not d ring but rather dear,but i do thinks its worth it.

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    dan1234, Give Pro Bolt a ring, they have a price for singles in Ti and stainless. Same happened to me on my old ZX9R with an alloy one and they sold me a replacement for about 2.00. Always found them very helpful.


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