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Thread: Rear Sets.

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    Rear Sets.

    What's the best money can buy.

    Is it Gilles or Acculign or something totally different

    I have some money burning a hole in my arse pocket?

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    carbon kid
    gilles, acilign or sati IMO, all are fantastic.just dont forget to bathe them in thread lock!(300-400)
    (I have Gilles, like my clip ons-lovethem.)
    cheers Ck

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    One Liter Duc Eater DaveRSV's Avatar
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    Acculign and SATO don't seem to come with levers though from what I've seen. Gilles appear to be the best from the research I've done.

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    Well the Acculign's are ordered and I have a huge hole in my wallet. Bring it on. I have had Gilles before and ddn't like them, so it's time for some American engineering.

    Oh and time for the Custom and Excise to tear me a new arse arsehole.

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