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Thread: $300 to $1400

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    $300 to $1400

    I don't know how I get myself into these things.

    Financially I shouldn't be spending any money after purchasing the 07 RSV, so I decided to core my stock cans, since I was craving some more sound and HP.

    From the quote I received I estimated it would cost in tools and materials around $300 total.

    As I was browsing the internet Saturday morning for exhausts (just to see what's available for my model), I stumbled upon some Scorpion dual exhausts for the RSV for $541 including shipping. I decided to buy them since it would only be $241 more than coring my own cans, plus no labor involved.

    So after I finish placing the order, I go to AF1's site and see an Arrow full exhaust system for $1600. I'm thinking if the cans for that model is $850-$900 then the collector (header) would probably retail for $700.

    So again I browse the web for the Arrow Racing Collector and find it for $650 including shipping. There I am for like a half hour debating if I should click on the Check-Out icon. And of course I did, and now am in the hole for $1191.

    Yesterday I go onto the forums and find someone selling their mint Tigcrafts for $772 including paypal and shipping charges, I'm like SHIT, if I buy these and cancel the Scorpion order then it would only be $231 more.

    So I did and now I can't figure out if I should be happy that I only spent $1400 for a full system, or should I be pissed that I spent $1100 more than what I was supposed to.

    LOL, Would anyone know if the Tigs would fit the Arrow Racing Collector?

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    Sorry mate. When you say collector do you mean the headers? As far as I can tell from the AF1 forums most of the guys have Tigs and Arrow headers. You should try a search on there. As for the Tigs I had a set for a little while but found them far to loud, so I sold them to my mate.

    Stunning build quality though, and if you stand behind it when you start up it feels like someone is punching you in the chest. Enjoy mate, it will be the dogs nuts

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