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Thread: Still have problem with charge and now weird clutch problem

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    Still have problem with charge and now weird clutch problem

    Hi guys, I followed your advice and fitted a new battery but still seem to have charge problems. New battery went in fine and dash volt meter was reading 12 v. Just went for a long spin and kept the dash on the volt reading, fluctuated between 11.5 and 10.9 just came back home and it's now reading 11 dead. Alternator problem?

    Also i just changed the corroded old levers for some nice shiny new ASVs and the clutch is a bit weird, had to adjust it way out to engage the clutch, when the clutch is in and in gear no forward pull, which is good - but now it seems i need to almost boot it to get neutral, noticed the dust shield rubber where the plunger goes in is split, could this be the culprit? seems a bit odd to me, it's almost like the plunger you get with the levers is a tiny bit too short almost. Anyone got these levers had the same issues?

    Think the guy that owned it before me didn't look after it properly or didn't want to get the niggles fixed before selling

    Have a seriously leaking fork seal now too

    It has akra end cans on it and pops like a git too and seems to tick over low, is this posible the fuel map being set wrong?

    Love the bike but don't want to be riding it if in the back of my mind i think it's going to die on me every 5 mins.

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    carbon kid
    hi, the tick over is set at 1.2 on my 02, which is the norm I think for that year, dunno about the rest.
    My akra can or the full akra i have now never really pop, not sure why yers is doing that but it wil be the fueling surely?
    what batt did you fit?
    Check your clutch mastercyclinder and check /adjust clutch cable/check routing/clutch fluid
    HTH a bit

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    Bomber, it may be helpfull to tell us which bike you have?

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    doh sorry! It's an 04 factory

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    Bomber the idle is controlled by a stepper motor which is ecu controlled. It is preset at the factory.

    I would certainly get the map and variant in the ecu checked and get the co2setup. Too many dealers change maps but don't do the tuning after.
    There have also been some big map improvments over the early versions to deal with stalling,surging etc so worth checking it's the latest version for your model.
    Whilst a dealer has it on the Axone doing that they can check the vac reading is at it should be. The stepper controls the idle by vacuum and some of the pipes around the throttle bodies can develop pin holes.

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