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Thread: Ideas anyone?

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    Ideas anyone?

    right guys and girls heres my problem,an yes I know its an on going thing with my bike at the moment,but what can you do!

    I was riding home in the pissin rain, and my dash started going mad!
    on the right hand side where you have the clock and water temp guage, it started flashing up efi or ef1.

    anyone got any ideas what it could be or whats causing it,i think its the rain thats caused it, but i could be wrong.


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    Mate take it to Don at Southern Cross and get it conected to the computer that will tell you8 straight away, cost about 10 if that

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    water is obviously shorting some relay or electrical point
    you'll need to strip off the full fairirng and go through the whle wiring loom until you find some corroded part or exposed connector

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    cant give ya definate answer buddy but theres a quite a few different threads popping up regarding problems from the rain including myself, id say give it a couple of days see if it drys out if not get down southern cross buddy as said 10 squids is nothing,

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    could well be the air thermistor in the left hand (when sitting on the bike) air tube. Has it done it again since?

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