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Thread: Fairing decals anyone?

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    Talking Fairing decals anyone?

    My Mille had been lightly "modified" by a previous owner when I bought it, with a home-made paint job and an intersting line in stickers. Time and eBay have gradually brought it back to standard, with a few wads of carbon thrown in for good measure. I recently got a new, bargain RHS fairing panel, and all I need to finish it now is the decal...
    Aprilia would like me to buy the entire set for 120, frankly I would prefer not to. Any ideas? Oh, it's an 02 silver bike, decal required is the swoopy top half of the "RSV".

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    'the image works' do pattern decals at very good prices, google them up.

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    Thanks - I've dropped them an e-mail.

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