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Thread: Seat upgrade

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    Seat upgrade

    Is there a seat upgrade for the 04 and onwards RSV. By upgrade I mean arse comfort over long distance?

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    carbon kid
    yes matey, Sargent seats are the way to go, slightly dished at back, arse friendly, gruppy and lighter than stock.(also better than Corbin, which are rock hard and weigh the same as the oe can) Tho they are a bit pricey.Google Sargent seat and have a look and look in my garage I have one.
    cheers Ck

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    Whilst on my travels I saw an '02' RSVR with a lovely suede looking embroidered with the RSVR logo saddle, anyone know who sells or makes them?

    I find that mine is quite slippery and I like to think that my arse will stay in that position on the saddle once planted.

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    carbon kid
    any good upholsterer could reskin yours with suede or summat, a few on this site have done it so I will shut up now.

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    Was thinking about taking the seat to my local trimmer but when I saw the RSVR embroidered in the material I automatically assumed it was a mass production cover.

    Will have to scout around on Flea Bay and see what I can find, probably up for sale in USA, they have an edge on us Brits when it comes to trimming.

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