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Thread: "Clunk" noise when throttle off

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    "Clunk" noise when throttle off

    When riding at any speed and I let off the power I can hear and feel a slight "clunk" through the handlebars.

    Its not the head bearing as Southern Cross changed them. It's not really bad, just something i noticed.
    Any of you guys have it too? Is it normal? What could it be?

    Cheers for any help

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    Yep, mine did this when I picked it up.

    After I got it home and checked it out, all I could find wrong was the chain free play.

    Adjusted the chain so that it had around 20mm free play and it's as smooth as a babies bum.

    Hope that this cures your clunk mate.

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    i'd go with chain too, its prob jumping of the front cog when decelerating
    check wear pattern on the teeth of front and rear sprockets

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