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Thread: Total clutch fluid loss whilst riding?

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    Total clutch fluid loss whilst riding?

    Anyone else had I rode along today, my clutch bite point got closer to the bar. Later through the ride I used the span adjuster to push the bite back out, and found neutral a pig to select as I got closer to work.

    Got home tonight, where it was much worse, creeping in first with lever all the way in, to find the reservoir completely dry, and all the fluid in the belly pan (washed out in a panic)!!!!!!

    No obvious leaks, so I filled and bled the system (and brakes) to ensure all was well. No fluid seems to be escaping now, but another ride tomorrrow will show all.

    The banjo bleed off was tight and nothing seemed wet, just lots of fluid in the fairing, and the remaining fluid was very, very hot when bleeding....

    Any ideas?

    cheers, Rich

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    If the lines and banjo are ok, it must be leaking out of the slave cylinder. Between the piston and cylinder.

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    I think you're right...only happens when I ride. Pumping the clutch in situ does not cause the fluid to leak. It's under warranty, so I'll call them tomorrow...cheers for the advice.

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    i got the same problem as this recently but cannot find where the fluid has gone, everything is bone dry
    let me know what the result was

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    Yeah mate,

    It was the seal on the slave cylinder ... check inside the fairing..the silencing foam soaked all the escaping fluid up, so it looked dry, but when I squeezed the foam, all the fluid was in there. New seal, and no problems since.


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    Did it not knacker the paint work?

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    No, I caught it the same day, and it was on the inside of the panel, so worst it could have done was mark that, but as I washed it same day, I got away with it.

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