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Thread: Do you run the stock EPROMS with a PC-3?

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    Do you run the stock EPROMS with a PC-3?

    Hello, when you use a Power Commander 3, do you use the stock EPROMS? Are say the one that you have with the Tig Craft exhaust kit? Like I said I have been building Jap bikes for years, and this is my first Aprilia, but Iím loving it alot, the more I find out about it
    1. The Jap bike use a TRE Mod to boost the timing up is this EPROMS the same thing, or does it adjust fuel also?

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    You can get an ignition timing control unit that is compatible with the Commander..made by the same mob. Allows you to set cylinders individually. I have an aftermarket chip (TI) so know little of std.
    With the standard chip you would need to clip ECU wire and set map two...then dyno and setup commander.
    Others on here could probably give you far better details than i know about this.

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    The TRE mods are timing retard eliminators that trick the Jap bikes into thinking that they are in a higher gear and so providing full power. Suzuki were certainly one of the earlier manufacturers to do this to ensure that full power wasn't available in the first 3 gears as on the first GSXR1000's as I recall. I don't know whether Aprilia did this with RSV's or not, but i'm guessing that if they did, it was cured by snipping the derestriction wire

    You can use any Eprom with the PC3, but the ones that seem to get highly recommended are the Factory Pro chip (see AF1) and the Edwards chip itself. I'm guessing that the Tigcraft chip must work pretty well too! You can also get completely open chips.

    Seeing as you've bought the Tigcraft set up, i'd give that chip a go first sir

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    The factory pro chip as mentioned does provide a 5deg ignition advance but they are dear and may need an aftermarket fuel pressure regulator.

    The other chips i know of with ignition advance are made by a guy called gabro who posts on another forum called AF1. The froum is also hosted by the AF1 shop who sell the FP chip along with other aprilia bits.

    You will find a lot of info on both RSVzone and the AF1 forum. Both top notch for advice!

    Mods, If this post is against forum policy etc sprry and please delete.

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    you need 48 psi fuel pressure with 57mm throttle bodies but most bikes are anyway.

    Turns out Aprilia went to 48 psi years ago but forgot to tell anyone hence evo etc no longer supply their fuel pressure kit.

    Gabro chip is good alternative. He will custom make a chip to your mods or you can use one of his generic versions. They all have ignition mods as well.

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    So should i ? or can i ? fit a pc3 to my edwards ? i have a sbk chip in at the min to match the exhaust system ! so would i get anything out of having a pc3 ?

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    Pc3 will always be better provided you have a custom map.

    eeproms not written for your specific bike is always a compromise cos every bike fuels slightly different even if they roll off the production line 2 mins apart.

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    Another good option is if you are doing a derestricted airbox intake rubber, an exhaust, and Hi air flow air filter is to do away with the PC3 usb and use a genuine Aprilia Titanium Evo. But true that with a custom map it is made for your bike and with the PC3(make sure it is a USB model) leaves the option for futre tuning if you are doing any other mods,
    and we know that you do like to do the mods.., a USB model also means that you can use Power commanders other goodies, ie, Quick shifter,LCD unit, ect...
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