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Thread: Changing Ohlins fork seals??

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    Changing Ohlins fork seals??

    Hi guys

    Need some advice

    My ohlins fork seals are shot on my 2003 RSV-R and i want to replace them myself.

    Is there a how to anywhere on how to do this?
    Do i need any particular special tools or can these be easily made?

    I understand 43mm Suzuki seals will fit the ohlins ie GSXR1000 K4-K6 is this correct

    Is there an easy way I can support the front end of the bike while I have the forks out?

    Any advice welcome



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    I made my own tools, spring compressor, damper rod holder, oil level tool etc.

    Here's Doug's write-up, not Ohlins specific, but they'd be similar, just need to check the manual for your fork level etc. It should have some specific disassembly instructions in it too.

    I now have a front steering stem stand, but when I did my seals I didn't have it and suspended my bike from the rafters in the garage using tie-downs.

    Click for big ones:

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    a fork cap tool is useful but not essential. No other special tools needed for just a seal/oil change.

    Ohlins oil 1309-1

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