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Thread: HID Conversion

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    HID Conversion

    Anyone on here purchased and fitted one of these kits:

    Look good to me-I converted my MZ Baghira to HID using a BMW 7 Series HID lamp and ballast box, which took ages. The light output was fantastic though-only has one setting though-no dip or main beam, but excellent as it is.

    This kit looks good, but would like to know if anyone has one and would recommend it.

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    Yes, I fitted one a couple of weeks ago. Fairly easy to fit. I fitted it as my 'dip' light. Still not tested it in the dark yet but it sure is bright.
    Drawback - a couple of times it has not come on first time of asking and I've needed to switch off and on again to activate. I therefore need to check before riding away.

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