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Thread: CO Set up/Throttle Body Balance

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    CO Set up/Throttle Body Balance

    OK I have read that the CO setting takes precedence over vacuum when setting up the throttle bodies. Got that bit. (3.5% I have read)

    Now that I want to do that I realised I need some way of attaching a CO meter to the front and rear header take off ports.

    Don't suppose any of you kind chaps or chapesses have an adapter already built to screw in to the headers and allow the CO pipe to be attached, so that I can read the CO contents?

    Or are any of you in the engineering business and could be such a good dude and make up an adapter for use by forum members or indeed to sell to us all?

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    CO adapters!

    ey up fella!
    the genuine aprilia adapters and switch over block are available to you for around 70 ish landed on your door from ourselves or you can make your own, heres a bit of a trick for it!

    the fittings in the pipes are 1/8 BSP thread this is the same as some brake pipe fittings for some cars so get yourself down to your local motor factors and see if you cant measure some up, plenty of copper pipe that will fit through the centre as well!

    if you flare one end and fit it through the hole making sure you leave enough pipe through the hole so as not to melt the pipe remember the exhaust gets bloody hot!, you should have some functioning adaptors that fit!

    I did have to carry out this myself once at a dealers i visited cos they didnt have any adapters ....(hmmmm) so it is possible!
    hope this helps

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    Ingenious little sort there sir..amazing what you can do when needed. I am way down is OZ..not much Aprilia here, so i shall be making my own. Thank you for the tip Griff, greatly appreciated for your post.

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    Thanks for the advice Griff, will be on to my local contacts for old brake pipes and connectors ASAP.

    Saw that CO take off kit on the AF1 site, looks like it shouldn't be too difficult to knock up something similar.

    Reckon admin should sticky this advice, would save all a fortune.

    Your a star mate.

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