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    Power commander map

    Hey, looking for a little help if anyone's got it. Have a factory '07.5 RSV (dark lion i believe is the technical color). Anyhow, only really performance mods are Akra pipes and a power commander. I dowloaded the map for this setup from dynojet and put it on the bike. Must say, it has done a great job smoothing out the torque dead zone that was there between about 4000-6500 I like that part of the map. Just wondering if anyone with a similar setup (or just a hell of a lot more knownledge/understanding than me) has any advice on tweaking the map to get a little more top end boost out of her...perhaps isn't possible, but I'm a data junkie and love fiddle around with stuff like this. Anyhow, any thoughts would be appreciated...especially if from first-hand experience.

    Also, and I'm sure such threads exist somewhere here - but I'm a bit new, what are some of the best cost-effective performance mods for these bikes?? (this is my first Aprilia, though I've ridden my buddies '02 at the track a number of times).

    Also #2, anyone played around with chainring/sprocket sizing and what kinds of results have you seen (i.e., what would you recommend) - primarily with regards to tracking

    Thanks in advance for any and all help/advice

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    You can't really change you rpowercommander without having it on a dyno to measure the air and fuel ratio. A few hours on the Dyno and you will get much better power curve.

    As for other mods you could look at EVO air kit or Renegade air Kit.

    Also most people go at least one down on the front sprocket and even a few up on the back as well.

    Try doing a search on the forum as these things have been covered a few times.

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