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Thread: Abba Stand Adaptors

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    Abba Stand Adaptors

    Looking at some Abba stand adaptors on weebay and the bloke's listing them as being for 02 Milles onwards. A retail site is also saying different kits for pre and post 02. Mine's an 01 but I thought that 01-03 were pretty much the same, including frames, etc. Anyone know why this 02 kit wouldn't fit mine?

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    'Allo? Was that question too stupid?

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    'Allo? Was that question too stupid?

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    Not sure Mr A303, but on the basis that abba stands use the swingarm pivot, i'm guessing that they must be different sizes between 01 and 02. Sure Legs or Spoonz will know more squire

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    The 01/02 use the same swingarm and pivot pin so not sure why they would need different adaptors to be honest.

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    Thanks guys (the name's Simon by the way).
    That's sort of what I thought Spoonz so thanks for the confirmation. I'll take a flyer if they don't go for too much.

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