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Thread: mivv exhausts

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    mivv exhausts

    hey folk, thinking of selling the micron cans of my resv factory, and replacing for mivv ones, they seem good, and no bad value at 395 for the gp ones, has anyone got any feed back or experiences with them, and is a power commander needed, i know its better but a few hundred quid saved on a pc is a good thing if not needed, the bike runs no bad with the microns and no pc, any feed back would be braw,
    cheers sean

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    Sorry bud, no experience with them at all!

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    I was talking to Fusebox about fitting a PC to my bike and he happened to mention that someone had fitted one and all the PC settings were well out after that. Took a bit of effort to get it back on song. My advise would be to give him a call.

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    From a few posts i've seen the Mivv Gp cans are difficult to set up for some reason. Switching to Map2 and then getting a good setting for the throttle bodies and CO2 seems to cause problems for some reason. Might be the shortness of the cans

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