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Thread: RSV Clutch Bite Points??

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    RSV Clutch Bite Points??

    OK, went down to Hastings/Bexhill today with Flick and noticed that when I was round town the clutch bite point got further and further away from the bar.

    In addition to this it became very snatchy when trying to pull away smoothly.

    I fitted my new slave cylinder last week and thought that may have helped but it appears to be a little more in depth than that.

    I think it may be the clutch plates buggered, looks like it may be the OE clutch still in place, so with 11K on the clock I think we can say it's had a good life.

    Any comments are welcome, well constructive comments are anyhow!!

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    Give the clutch another bleed through Amb just to eliminate the fact that there may still be air in the clutch line. There is a correct procedure in bleeding the clutch as air can easily be trapped behind the piston in the slave especially as a new one has just been fitted. It needs to be turned the correct way to eliminate the air.

    read here

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    I agree with legs! I would hope to get more than 11K out of a clutch. Although if your bike is one of the more powerful faster 03 silver ones then you may be right.

    But back to the point a mastercylinder or slave replacement can be termperamental and needs bench bled well.

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