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Thread: First time buyer...need some advice

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    First time buyer...need some advice

    So I've found a 2004 RSVR in my area with about 7k miles on, prestine condition, derestricted and leo slips, 15t front also, and not only is it one of my dream bikes, but also finally within my price range.
    First of all, I'm not new to sport bikes, and I've been riding for about 5 years
    previous bikes (in order):

    1980 Honda cx500
    2003 zx6r
    2001 Ducati 748
    1998 Ducati 916
    2000 GSXR 750...140whp but still a soulless jap bike...never again

    I'm currently bikeless and fed up with the constant maintenance of Ducatis, but must buy Italian.
    My main concerns are reliablility...I heard from one guy online that the welds near the clutch casing broke and were leaking oil (not from being dropped)..was this a recall?
    I know the power will be good, the handling will be great, and the styling is sexy as it gets, but I just want to be reassured I'm making the right decision and won't be getting any unexpected surprises. What should I be looking for?

    Thanks! And hello to all, I'm new to these forums.

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    Hiya Mate welcome to the zone ....................

    Everyone has there own opinion on whatever bike .... lots of it is total bollocks.

    For what its worth ..... I've had the bike ( 04 model ) for three years and no issues what so ever .............. fantastic bike

    The only issue i have is .... that i need to bleed the clutch every 1000 miles or so ....

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    If you like twins (and you have had a couple before so you must) then this is a great brand to go for. More bling than a jap twin and more reliability than a Ducati.
    The most common faults are battery related so if you keep it plugged in to an optimate then you won't have too many probs.

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    go for it u wont regret it

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